Sam Hunt’s best Instagram posts from 2016

Ahhh Sam Hunt. His face is like the gift that keeps giving. And to top it off, his face kind of does some cool stuff. You know, like playing rad gigs, traveling, eating….and lucky for us it’s all documented on his Instagram.

Here are some of our top picks on his instagram from 2016:

  1. The time he rehearsed with queen Carrie Underwood

2. The time he casually hung out with Snoop Dogg, G Eazy and Bebe Rexha and fit in:

3.  When he retro rocked the red carpet

4.  When he got the world shook with the photo of a woman

5.  When he then continued to rock the worlds of all the women in love with him

6.  And when he gave the world goals during his travels…


and lucky # 7….when he flashed that gorgeous smile while he performed….