Did Luke Bryan Stop His Show to Punch a Guy?


While on stage at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for Charlie Daniels’ 80th Birthday Bash/Volunteer Jam, Luke Bryan seemed to stop “Move”-ing briefly to bop an unruly fan in the face.

Based on the video, it looks like the guy in the front row flipped Luke off before he hopped down from the stage to smack the guy.

Is there more to the story?

Update via Rolling Stone: Luke Bryan’s team has issued about the incident:

A man in [the] front row was making crude hand gestures toward Luke during his performance. It was insulting not only to him, but more importantly to the men, women and families sitting around him who were there to support and celebrate Charlie Daniels and the efforts of raising money for the military veterans – some of who were in the audience. The concert security personnel saw the man’s disruptive actions of the event and he was escorted out.”

See below and judge for yourself:



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  1. Larri78@aol.com'

    This is ridiculous, Luke knows better than touching a fan. I don’t care if he was insulting his performance. He could easily gotten security. The fact that the country music media is just pretending that this isn’t WRONG is crazy. Luke initiated the contact. The fan didn’t. Just not cool.

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