Gab Countdown to Christmas: Lady Antebellum

Few Christmas songs are as iconic and beloved as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” is you, and covering it is quite an undertaking. The song has been covered, used on movie soundtracks and has been released, re-released and remixed…never quite living up to the original. Yet, on their 2012 Christmas album, On This Winter’s Night, Lady Antebellum took on the beast of a song…and slayed it.

The trio slowed down the classic, making it a somber and sultry ode to Christmas longing. With Hillary Scott on lead vocals, the song takes on an entirely different mood, making it nearly unrecognizable from Mariah’s punchy pop tune…and it works. It works oh so well.

Get in the Christmas spirit today with Lady A’s take on Mariah:

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