Kacey Musgraves may have the best comeback of 2016


2016 may be the year we all remember that Twitter has become a war zone. Too many twitter feuds to even mention made an impact on the culture of the social media platform. Some ending in some pretty epic comebacks. Heck…Maren Morris even shut down a troll on twitter recently in a pretty memorable way. But Kacey Musgraves….she is here is to take the crown when it comes to twitter clap backs.

When someone said she was overrated she simply responded with this classic playground comeback: your mom’s overrated…..

I hope someone was there to pick up the mic…..



Sam Hunt has a method to the madness

Good news for Sam Hunt lovers or anyone that appreciates eye candy….he will shoot the video for his new single, “Take Your Time,” in the next few weeks. And instead of it being some generic video where it plays out the song’s lyrics about a guy trying to smooth talk the hottest girl in the bar, he’s going for a cooler concept.

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