Jennifer Nettles Will Make You Fall on Your Knees with This Performance


When you hear the words talent, emotion, and commitment, one of the artists whose name should immediately be in the forefront of your mind is Jennifer Nettles. Never has Nettles performed a song without fully dedicating herself to the cause, and when she stopped by the SiriusXM studios to celebrate the holidays, the occasion was no different.

While Nettles’ interview portions of the show were endearing and made us fall a little more in love with her (if that was even possible!), it was the jaw-dropping, stunning combined performance of “O Holy Night” and “Hallelujah” that left us breathless. The entire package of Nettles’ unique and distinct vocals, obvious deep-rooted understanding, and complete release of everything she had in her soul gave us all the feels, and we are positive you will have the same response.

Watch Jennifer Nettles slay “O Holy Night” and “Hallelujah” here: