Cody Alan Has Perfect Response for a Kelsea Ballerini Engagement Hater

Awe social media. The place where everyone goes to be warm, fuzzy and super encouraging! Okay…maybe not so much. And sometimes, maybe not even a little bit. Heck, even sweetheart Kelsea Ballerini is prone to some hate.

But have no fear…Cody Alan has her back. When Kelsea announced her engagement to country singer Morgan Evans and Cody shared the news to his audience, one of his followers decided to add a wee bit too much pessimism by saying she thought the marriage wouldn’t last long. So, Cody clapped back with the ultimate sarcastic response:

Rumor has it Kelsea responded back with some pretty epic response, but alas….no screen shot to prove it and it’s since been deleted if she had, so enjoy the fact that KB’s hubby to be approved of Cody’s response:

Hey….can’t we just be happy for the lovebirds? They’re UBER cute together!