Brothers Osborne Play a Concert on Bus After Venue Ceiling Collapses

brothers osborne bus concert

Last night, Brothers Osborne took the old showbiz adage “The show must go on” quite literally in Hanford, California. The CMA Vocal Duo of the Year were due to play a show at the Hanford Fox Theatre, but it was cancelled when the venue’s ceiling began to collapse onto the stage.

Rather than let the down ceiling get them down, the brothers played a shortened set atop their bus, which they broadcast on Facebook Live.

They went on to call the show one of the most memorable of their lives. “For the second time in two weeks the ceiling caved in at one show of our shows so we moved the party to the top of the bus. One of the most memorable moments of our career. Hanford, you were a blast! Love y’all!”

Opening act Lucie Silvas also shared in the sentiment of the night, calling the show the “best acoustic show I’ve ever gotten to be part of.”

Watch Brothers Osborne’s impromptu bus concert here: