How to tell if you’re obsessed with Kip Moore

Kip Moore. The sexy surfer country singer with a voice that can make even the most committed think about leaving their significant other for a shot with him.  If you find yourself getting excited every time he comes on the radio or shuffle, then it may be time to ask yourself if you’re secretly obsessed with Mr. Moore.


  1. You feel the need to encourage everyone around you to do a massive sing along to “Something’ Bout a Truck”


2. You lose yourself in every song and everything else disappears.


3. You get irritated whenever someone doesn’t know who Kip is.


4. You light up whenever Kip’s name is mentioned.


5. And the thought of not seeing Kip live makes you uber sad.

So are YOU secretly obsessed with Kip?!



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    Not secretly. I full out admit my obsession. He’s awesome in concert. and damn he’s sexy.

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