The Miranda Lambert effect

In the last 10 years, one name in country music has created a movement that will be hard to duplicate. That one name? Miranda Lambert. It’s important to ask yourself if you’ve ever been effected by listening to, rocking out to, hearing or otherwise just knowing Miranda Lambert’s music.

To see if you’ve been subject to the Miranda effect see below:


  1. If you’ve ever sat back and cracked open a cold one when a Miranda song comes on and just sat giving someone the evil eye, then odds are….you have the Miranda effect.


2. If each time someone annoys you in life you sit back and ask yourself….what would Miranda do? Well, then….you’ve experienced the Miranda effect.


3. If you think it was really nice of Miranda to allow Taylor to invite her to sing with her.


4. If you’ve ever gotten so lost in one of her ballads that your friends have to stop you.


5. And if yoou are always there to silence the haters. Because…..let’s be honest….


How can you hate something this adorable?! Then it’s safe to say….you’re experiencing the Miranda effect.

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