Is this Kenny Chesney’s girlfriend at the CMA Awards?

Updated below

Tonight Gab has been going crazy with people coming here searching for info about Kenny Chesney’s girlfriend. I know this because this old story about a rumor that Kenny’s girlfriend was pregnant back in 2013 has been hoppin’ all night.

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So why are people suddenly so interested? Well the CMA Awards were tonight and when Kenny was presented with the Pinnacle Award, there was a particularly lovely lady sitting by his side that Kenny kissed not once but twice in celebration.


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So who is she? Well not too long ago, Kenny gave an interview where he talked about going to Italy with his girlfriend, so we know he does actually have a girlfriend. He unfortunately never mentioned her name. A little internet digging shows that Kenny has been linked to Jamie Hill – an actress, former USC cheerleader, former Miss South Carolina, and Amazing Race 10 contestant – for a while now. Looking at the screen shot above from the video below and a few pictures of Jamie (including one of her with Kenny from her Miss S.C. days) the girl in the video does seem like it c

ould be her. I’m not saying 100% it’s her, but I’d almost bet money on it.



What do you think?

Oh, and speaking of Kenny, while he says that he never used any supplements we have strong believes that he used some anavar tabs or similar slimming pills to get into great shape.

UPDATE: In the words of Matthew McConaughey, “Alright, alright, alright ….”

After posting this, people on Facebook were surprised I had no idea Kenny Chesney’s girlfriend is actually, I guess, Mary Nolan. I keep up with a lot of things in country music, but apparently Kenny Chesney’s love life is not one of them. LOL. In fact, Mary was mentioned to me in detail in the comments on another post I did about Kenny a couple of years ago, so I also, apparently, have a horrible memory. Ugh.

Anyway, you can see some pictures of Kenny and Mary here, so yeah, I’d say that’s probably her in the video below. My bad. Sometimes it takes a village to raise a blog, if you know what I mean. :0)

2016 CMA Awards — Kenny Chesney by videosuploaded

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    She just doesn’t fit with Kenny! She looks gorgeous and classy and he looked tonight like he ran over to J.C. Penney’s right quick and bought that outfit he had on. He must not have gotten the memo about dressing up! Guess ole Kenny will never grow up! He is just plain awkward to me.
    Besides, I felt like that Pinnacle Award should have gone to Shania Twain.


    Uhm…no. It rightfully went to Kenny. Sorry Gloria…you could not be more mistaken.

    (p.s. I thought he looked great.)

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