Jo Dee Messina Surprises Fans with Release of Christmas Single


Country superstar Jo Dee Messina took complete creative control of her career when she launched her own record label, Dreambound Records. Already releasing her most personal album to date, Me, Messina began to transition from the heavy-hitting, man-hating, sass laden tracks into more vulnerable songs that stripped away the publicized hard exterior.

Through her live show, Messina continues her personal and professional progression, introducing newly-penned songs straight from the heart, as well as musical testimony about the ongoing development of her relationship with God. To that end, Messina has now released her first song to be shipped to Christian radio, “Noel,” a Christmas track produced by Ian Eskelin and written by Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Ed Cash.

Evident on the track are Messina’s still uniquely powerful and gritty vocals, but, even more so, the passion that few can exude through an audial performance. As the evolving artist belts the words to the beautiful chorus, listeners will find themselves closing their eyes and being transported into Messina’s soul, which is wholly dedicated to the Lord.

“This song truly reached my heart when I first heard it,” explained Messina in a press release. “It calls everyone to come and see – see how much God loves us. In human form, a way we can understand it, He gave us Christ, the greatest gift of all. Thank you, Father.”

In a world where technology oftentimes supersedes pure, unadulterated talent, Messina’s new single emerges and reminds us all why she has been celebrated since the inception of her career and influenced so many of today’s top female vocalists. The release also serves as a wakeup call that perhaps one of the best vocalists of our lifetime is still very much present, making music, playing shows, and ready to take the modern day world by storm.

Download Jo Dee Messina’s “Noel” on iTunes here, Google Play here, or Amazon Music here and prepare to be taken to church.


Watch the lyric video for “Noel” here:


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