Jamie Lynn Spears gives us an extra reason to be thankful this season thanks to her Spotify playlist!


It’s always nice when an artist shares a bit of where they’re coming from in the way of music. Being able to know you’re jamming out to the same exact tunes as one of your favorites gives that particular song or songs a little more excitement. Sometimes you realize you connect musically with artists and other times you realize you may just stick to listening to them sing some of your fav jams.  But lucky for us Jamie Lynn Spears just shared the playlist of all playlists on Spotify. It’s as if you combined all things great about a variety of genres and decades and then just threw them on a list in a random order. Seriously, everything from Frank Sinatra, Kacey Musgraves to Travis Tritt and yes…even some new Britney Spears. Seriously SO good and it’s sure to make your holidays that much more enjoyable.

Check it out below: