This could be Dolly Parton’s biggest fan and he’s 14

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has touched many generations in her epic and historic career.  She has quite efficiently bridged a gap between all ages of music lovers like none before and quite possibly none after her. This truly shows what a different league Dolly is in.

So, we know Dolly isn’t your average singer, but it’s important to also know that 14 year old Corbin Cunningham isn’t your average music fan. Most kids his age are busy singing along to Justin Bieber yet Corbin is busy expressing his appreciation for none other than….Dolly. The best part? He is doing it along side his best friend and  credits sharing the joy of the “queen of country” (his words) to helping his best friend smile again. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Corbin penned a very special letter that pretty much solidified him as Dolly’s numero uno fan.

In the letter he explained how he and his best friend became the massive Dolly fans they are today:

Then we had our six grade pop show
and one of the eighth graders sang “Jolene”, we both instantly loved the
song. That night she went home and looked you up right away. She practically
listen to every single song you’ve ever written and shared them all with me.
We were shocked! We went from being Katy Perry and Lady Gaga fanatics that
preferred to not listen to country music, to people who absolutely adore the
queen of country music. 

He concluded that not only did Dolly get them into country music, but she helped his best friend find happiness.  I don’t think it gets more incredible than that folks.

A special shout out from Corbin himself:

Dolly, you yourself are a hero there’s no way we could ever thank you for
all you do without knowing. You show true dedication to the things you love.
You’re a person we both want to grow up be like. We can’t wait for your
concert here in SaTx it’s going to be beyond amazing and a once in a
lifetime opportunity we have. We’re so fortunate to be in the same room as
you. I hope your diamond self never dulls cause you’re the best one out

14 year old Dolly enthusiast Corbin
14 year old Dolly enthusiast Corbin