Critically Injured Blake Shelton Fan Reaches Out to the Country Star


It was a day like any other. Jonathan was out for a motorcycle ride with his friends, still excited about surprising his girlfriend, Lindsay, with Blake Shelton tickets for her birthday. He gave her the gift on September 14. On September 15, their lives changed forever.

According to a Facebook post, the young Shelton fan was cruising when a driver pulled out in front of him. Jonathan hit the car, was ejected from his bike, and was thrown into a telephone pole. Despite the odds, he survived the accident, leaving him with two collapsed lungs, one punctured lung, brain bleeding, a lacerated liver, kidney, and spleen. He also fractured three ribs, eight vertebrae in his neck and back, and both shoulder blades.

Through it all, his girlfriend stood by his side and today, a couple of months later, is still putting everything aside to be there for her love. The injured man took to Facebook to ask Shelton to give his girlfriend the birthday she deserves, as the two had to miss their trip to Brooklyn to see him in concert.

If nothing else, this story is a beautiful example of love and loyalty. We can only hope it falls into Blake Shelton’s hands and these two can attend a make-up concert and have the special night out that was so tragically canceled.

We wish Jonathan ongoing health and improvements in his recovery and commend Lindsay for her unwavering love. Today, especially, it is important to honor this kind of love and realize that life can change in the blink of an eye.