Cole Swindell hasn’t changed his number after Florida Georgia Line prank

Back on Halloween, Florida Georgia Line decided to play a prank on poor Cole Swindell by tweeting out his phone number. Cole ended up waking up to hundreds of missed calls.


You definitely couldn’t blame Cole for hurrying out to change his number after that. Funny thing is, however, that the You’ve Got My Number singer didn’t do that. In fact, he tells Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he still hasn’t changed his number and was even thinking of rewarding fans who gave him a call.

“It’s pretty funny, I have a song called ‘You Got My Number’ on my new EP, and Brian & Tyler thought it would be funny to release my phone number. I don’t know how long it’ll be my phone number. I heard I have over 700 voicemails. But it’s only a phone number. I can change that. To see the reaction of the fans. I can’t wait to start calling people back. We’re gonna give em a call back. Some of em believe it’s me, some of them don’t. We’re gonna record a video of me calling them back so you can see their reaction. It’s pretty cool. The fans are the best.” As for revenge, Cole says, “They took me out on tour, so I’m probably have to call it even and not prank them back. They didn’t prank me on the tour. They gave me a cool end of tour gift. They got me a membership to a golf club here in town. That’s the only thing I’ve been wanting to do, that’s my favorite thing to do. For them to do that for me, it was the coolest gift I’ve got. Brian and Tyler have been so good to me, for them to know I love golf, that’s how I spend my off-time, relaxing on the golf course.”

And it looks like the rewarding has actually already started. Check out a cute video of Cole giving a fan named Emily a call.

I guess if you called Cole, you may want to pick up if you get a call back.