5 things that only happen when you’re in love with Luke Bryan


Ahhh Luke Bryan. The name alone brings men and women alike satisfaction. Whether it be his catchy lyrics, distinguished vocals or….let’s be real…the way he can shake it….Luke gives us plenty of reasons to be in love. So, what happens after you admit to yourself you’re in love with Luke?


  1. The instant you admit you’re in love, you’ll feel the need to announce it to the world.  You’re just giddy over every little thing Luke does and you want the world to know it.


2. Then just when you think the giddiness can’t get worse. It does. You’re in a constant state of delusion and everything you see and hear somehow gets tied back to Luke.


3. After that usually comes the point where you want to second guess if you’re in too deep, but usually shrug it off and carry on in complete Luke bliss.


4.  You then start to develop dance skills that mirror Luke’s. This is really the point that you know there’s no going back.


5. And then….finally….there’s just the realization that you will love Luke until you’re 80 and nothing makes you more happy.



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