Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island home makes an appearance in Casey Neistat video


This is totally random and made me way, way happier than it probably should have.

Anyway, I watch one YouTuber on a daily basis: Casey Neistat. Not sure why I enjoy his videos so much but I totally do and never miss a single one of his daily vlogs.

On yesterday’s video, Casey, who normally lives in New York, headed to Watch Hill, Rhode Island with his family and a couple of friends for a short getaway. The place they were staying just happened to be on a beach that was a hop, skip, and a jump away from none other than Taylor Swift‘s giant beach home. It was pretty cool to see the beautiful property in such a random, unexpected way.

Taylor Swift home drone shot

On a side note, Casey is actually good friends with Taylor’s BFF, supermodel Karlie Kloss, so I always sort of expected Taylor to make an appearance in one of his videos, but this was definitely not how I expected it to go down.