Mary Sarah Serenades Our Troops In Airport (Watch!)


Country singer Mary Sarah is no stranger to honoring the United States troops, often performing the National Anthem at sporting events and donning American flag attire. While those “public eye” moments are incredibly special and notable, it’s the moments when nobody is watching that mean the most.

Following a three-show run to benefit charities in West Virginia and Maryland, the singer gave a little bit more when she came across a group of United States veterans in an airport. Clad in sweats and ready for a day of comfortable travel, the gracious songstress stopped and serenaded the vets with her rendition of “God Bless America” while they sat at a gate.

Watch the impressive and touching moment below, and tip your hat to those who have served and artists like Mary Sarah who never forget those whom fight for her freedom and allow her to do what she loves.