Lauren Alaina Releases Music Video for Personal “Road Less Traveled”


Lauren Alaina has been one of Nashville’s most beloved artists since she was just a young teenager. While it was her astounding vocals that put her on the musical map, it’s been Alaina’s uniquely adorable and bubbly personality that has won over the industry and made this girl one of the most unforgettable artists around.

With Alaina always being so “on,” it’s hard to imagine that the stunning vocalist would have darkness in an aura that is so bright, but like everyone else, she is human and goes through the private downs in contrast to her public ups. To that tune, Alaina released some of her own demons several months ago, sharing with the world that she suffered from an eating disorder, and her song, “Road Less Traveled,” was a personal one that stemmed from that time in her life.

Today, Alaina released the music video for the second single off her Lauren Alaina EP exclusively with our friends at iHeartCountry. Watch the video, which depicts a courageous and fiercely independent Alaina, by clicking here.