Kelly Clarkson Pushes It For a Cure (Watch!)


It’s been years since we have seen Kelly Clarkson bust a move on screen; From Justin to Kelly anyone? The drought has now come to an end — this time showing Clarkson breaking it down with a new dance partner.

Longtime friend Melissa Peterman challenged Clarkson to participate in the Diabetes Dance Dare, resulting in a one minute video from the Blackstock kitchen, complete with daughter River Rose shaking it and bursting into adorably spontaneous laughter. Ultimately the mother-daughter duo completed the challenge, danced to Salt N Pepa’s “Push It,” and passed it along to the cast of NBC’s The Voice and Gwen Stefani.

Watch the hysterical video posted by Clarkson below and get a glimpse into the type of fun we are convinced happens in their house every day, challenge or no challenge.


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