Interview: Jana Kramer Is Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile


If there is one thing Jana Kramer is known for — you know, other than her amazing acting, sensational singing, and dazzling dancing — it’s her bright, contagious smile. That happiness and energy was transferred over immediately when the extremely busy mom, performer, and reality dance competitor took time to fill NashvilleGab in on what her present and future look like.

Let’s call a spade a spade here. When you see Kramer nowadays, it’s impossible not to be exhausted on her behalf, considering the amount of traveling and entertaining she is doing across the country. All of this comes with a daughter under the age of one in tow. However, the always on-the-go gal doesn’t let the schedule get her down. Instead, she revels in the happiness the experiences are bringing her.

I feel like it’s a lot, but it shows you can really make time for anything. I’ve been juggling three things and I’m trying to make . . . First of all, being a mom is the most important thing for me, being there for Jolie. And obviously music, and now dancing, but, yeah, it’s definitely a lot, but it’s so much fun and I’m just having a blast.

Having a firm, albeit sometimes tired, grip on her hectic schedule doesn’t keep Kramer from looking ahead a bit. One night she is especially keeping her sights on is the upcoming 50th annual Country Music Awards ceremony. For the second year in a row, Kramer will walk the red carpet and attend the event as an ambassador for Colgate Optic White — a partnership that has been quite convenient for the girl who is always on the move.

For me, with being super crazy busy all the time . . . I don’t really have time to do my makeup that much, so on stage, for me, the smile is everything. So, I use the Colgate Optic White high impact white toothpaste because it gets four shades visibly whiter in just three days. . . . It’s just honestly the best because you don’t have to pack on the makeup, ’cause your smile is your most authentic self for me, so I feel like when you’re able to have that smile, you want to be able to smile, you want to feel beautiful, it’s the most authentic way you can be. For me, having a white smile is everything.

Other than on the dance floor, to which Kramer returns tonight with partner Gleb Savchenko to perform an Argentine Tango, the triple threat beauty’s next plan to flash that bright smile is on the CMA red carpet. What can you expect to see Kramer wearing as she walks the coveted 50th Anniversary carpet?

I want to look strong and I want to look classy, and I think that it’s going to hopefully show with the outfit I picked. Again, for me, the easiest thing you can do for me is show your smile. . . . I feel like it puts the whole outfit together.

Before Kramer steps foot on the carpet though, she does have a few things she needs to take care of. Of course, number one is brushing her teeth with her partner product, and there is a very good reason for that.

I like me some red wine, so I have to make sure I brush my teeth for the carpet! And then I have to eat before too because, if not, I’ll be tired, and that’s not a good thing. Make sure I workout, have a nice meal, drink some red wine, and brush my teeth.

Other than making sure that smile is glistening white, Kramer strives to put together an outfit that will standout for all the right reasons. The starlet has a couple of red carpet queens that inspire her look from the neck down, and neither of these stellar choices should surprise you!

I love, on the acting side, not on the music side, I love Kate Hudson’s style. I think she always looks incredibly classy. And then, in the country world, Carrie Underwood. She always slays for me. I think she always brings her true authentic self to the carpet.

Along with walking (and shining on) the red carpet, Kramer is most looking forward to the surprise appearances that are sure to come with it being such a monumental year for the award show.

I’m excited to see who they bring back. You know, all the amazing artists that I’ve looked up to for so long to make a return because they’re going to be celebrating fifty years, so I’m really hoping that some of my favorites will be able to come back and hopefully see some great partnerships with music and great collaborations.

With the CMAs a little bit off in the distance, Kramer’s first focus, especially today, is her current stint on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Though she admits that she is not completely in her comfort zone on the dance floor, she has felt a change in her confidence since trading in her microphone and cowboy boots for a professional dance partner and stilettos.

I have to be sexy, and it’s not that I don’t feel sexy (laughs), it’s that doing these moves I don’t feel that way! For me, with acting and being an artist, it’s all about performing, and I have to go out there every Monday, whether I feel a hundred percent confident or not, and when they say “action” I have to pull out the performer in me. That’s what I feel like I’ve done every Monday, even if I don’t feel a hundred percent on, the second that I start, it’s like “alright, you’re a performer, you got this, try and stay confident.”

The confidence that Kramer is finding within herself each week is translating to her musical performances lately, as the moves she is learning through her training are ones she can incorporate into her sets. So, with a single (“Circles”) that is climbing the charts, a bright Colgate Optic White smile that shows off her best authentic self, and a newfound sense of confidence that is bursting from her beautifully strong seams, it appears Kramer is moving in just one direction — up.

The sky’s the limit right now! . . . I want to be the best mom I can be and just continue to spread love and strength for everyone.



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