Faith Hill may break out her Beyoncé moves during new tour


Just like pretty much all of the rest of the world, Faith Hill is in awe of Beyoncé‘s dance moves. The singer says that after seeing Queen Bey in concert not once but twice over the summer with her daughters, she was inspired to take dance lessons. She even says she might surprise fans with a few of her moves when she and husband, Tim McGraw, kick off their highly anticipated Soul2Soul 2017 Tour next year.

In a new interview with Bobby Bones on Wednesday (quotes via iHeartRadio), Hill explained, “[the show] Inspired me to take dance lessons, legit dance lessons. But not to put into my show, because I don’t know how that would fit with what I do.”

Despite saying she wouldn’t dance in her show, a minute later she decided she just might let go a little bit.

“I might even throw something in my show like, hold up everybody I’m going to dance right now. Give me five minutes and I’m just going to let it go.”

Can’t wait to see if Faith really does bust a move next year. Check out Tim and Faith’s full interview with Bobby Bones below.