Blake Shelton spotted in the wilds of Disneyland

Image: TMZ

Blake Shelton has done a lot of things in his life, but apparently Disneyland wasn’t one of them … until yesterday.

According to TMZ (and tons of videos and pictures on social media), Blake joined Gwen Stefani, her three sons, and Gwen’s parents at the Happiest Place on Earth to ride a few rides, take a few pictures with the characters, and just have fun among the masses.

Blake Shelton ain’t afraid to shake things up with Gwen Stefani, and he proved it by letting her take his Disneyland virginity. 

Blake and Gwen were joined by her parents, 3 sons and a spooky Donald Duck at the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s been a while since they were spotted together in public, but they’re clearly still going strong. Even more noticeable is the giant “1st Visit!” pin on Blake, who turned 40 in June. 

Gwen FaceTimed with him from the theme park last November, but that doesn’t count. Our Disneyland sources tell us Blake thought twice before getting on Peter Pan’s Flight. 

Kiddie roller coasters are just not his thing — not without whiskey or beer, we’re guessing.

Too sweet. I sort of questioned this pair’s relationship at first, but if Blake was willing to brave hour-long lines  and $10 hot dogs for Gwen, it’s GOT to be love.

Here are a few tweets about fans spotting the happy pair at Disneyland.