Details Emerge In Willis Clan Father Arrest



Toby Willis, father of the talented musical group The Willis Clan, was recently arrested on charges of child rape for an event that occurred at least twelve years ago. Willis is currently being held without bond until his next court hearing on Tuesday.

According to ABC 7 Chicago and Tennessee court documents, the young victim of Willis was a relative between the ages of nine and twelve. Brenda Willis’ attorney, Bill Speek, released a statement on behalf of his client:

I was shocked and devastated by the revelation of events leading to Toby Willis’ arrest. As these are very trying times for the Willis family, I kindly ask all to respect our family’s privacy. As a mother of twelve, my first priority remains with my children and helping them through this traumatic event. We are cancelling all appearances for the foreseeable future to focus on the children and their wellbeing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We have, and will continue, to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials and ask that you direct all inquires regarding Toby Willis’ case to the District Attorney’s office who have our complete support.

***Out of respect for the family, especially the victim and the many minors that are among The Willis Family, we will not name the victim or share any more details regarding the events that led to Toby Willis’ arrest. We will update our readers as to any conviction and/or sentencing that may occur, but, regardless of the stance other outlets take, the writers at NashvilleGab have agreed to do our part in protecting the victim and her/his younger siblings. Thank you for your understanding.***