Two Story Road Gets Lit In the “Moon-docks”


One thing is clear: when it comes to country music duos, Brandon and Jamelle Fraley of Two Story Road know how to set themselves apart from the rest. Whether it is with homemade acoustic videos of their original songs, covers of their favorite tunes, or iPhone filmed mashups of the two former categories, Two Story Road never ceases to define the word “inventive.”

Recently, the Fraleys and about forty of their closest friends (including co-writers Jason Matthews and Cassidy Lynn) got together in Nashville for a standard night in a backyard. Or not. What most would consider a perfect night for a beer by a fire was what the Fraleys considered the ideal night to gather their incredibly supportive loved ones to produce the next video in their bottomless vault of creativity.

The outcome was a mashup of the duo’s original song off the Two Story Road debut EP, “Light of the Moon” (Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley, Matthews, Lynn) and Little Big Town’s “Boondocks.” Sit back, grab a cold one, and watch as the Fraleys and friends take you to the “Moondocks.”