Watch Toby Keith fulfill woman’s birthday wish

Image: YouTube

There’s not much better than going to see your favorite artist for your birthday …. unless, of course, that favorite artist spots you in the audience and sings a song just for you.

That’s what happened to one lucky fan in Indianapolis earlier this month who was at Toby Keith‘s concert for her birthday. She held up a sign that said she was at her 50th Toby Keith show for her 50th birthday and asked if he’d sing Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

Toby happily obliged and created an amazing memory for the lucky lady.

Check out the sweet video below and be sure to watch to the end when you can see the tearful aftermath of the birthday girl having Toby sing just for her.

(H/T to reader Kate for this happy story)


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    Thank you Shannon for posting!! The Lucky Lady is Paula. She has been going to Toby shows for 10 years 🙂 Toby is wonderful to his loyal fans 😉

    1. Shannon

      Thank you Kate. I had read a comment on the video that said her name was Paula but didn’t want to post just in case it was wrong.


    I was there and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Paula Craven

    Shannon – thank you for sharing my story. Best birthday present EVER!!!
    –Paula Craven

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