The strangest gift a fan has ever given Dolly Parton? A baby

Dolly Parton playing guitar

With a career spanning decades, I’m sure Dolly Parton has been given any number of questionable gifts over the years and probably had some pretty weird fan encounters. But what would she say is the weirdest?

Turns out the weirdest really is pretty dang weird.

In a new interview with Larry King, Dolly reveals her strangest fan encounter and it technically also involves a pretty strange gift … a baby.

And we’re not talking a unique baby doll or a baby cat or anything like that. We’re talking someone gave her a human infant.


“Years ago when my song Jolene came out, I came home one day from work, and there was a basket at the gate [of our home] and I thought ‘Oh, someone’s left us some food’.”

Turns out it wasn’t food.

“And there was a note that said ‘My name is Jolene and I want you to have me. You can have me for keeps’ or something to that effect,” she explains. “And I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do.”

A perfectly proper reaction, I’d say.

She reveals that she had the police called who came and took the child and she doesn’t know what happened to her after that.


Check out Dolly talking about her gate surprise in the interview below.




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