Duo Smithfield Releases Stunning Single “Hey Whiskey”


Country music duo Smithfield (Trey Smith, Jennifer Fiedler) experienced a whirlwind of success with its debut single, “Nothing But the Night.” Now, in the wake of its first taste of large scale recognition as Nashville artists, the Texas-bred duo has released its sophomore single, “Hey Whiskey,” to Sirius XM The Highway, already being added to the station’s regular rotation.

“Hey Whiskey” is a ballad that yearns for answers from the liquor that makes a hard habit to break of a male continue to come back every time he imbibes. The chorus croons for understanding as to why a relationship that ended can’t be permanently put to rest whenever he picks the alcohol back up. It likewise poses the question that many of us have asked: “How can either one of us start moving on when every night he spends with you reminds him that I’m gone?”

Led by Fiedler’s gorgeous vocals and supplemented by Smith’s harmonies, “Hey Whiskey” is likely to be a song that country music fans are Shazam’ing left and right to find out who is behind the gorgeous tune that will hit you as fast and hard as a shot of whiskey.

Listen to Smithfield’s “Hey Whiskey” here:



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  1. BasiliskSt@Hotmail.com'
    Daniel Winegarden

    SmithField’s, ‘Hey, Whiskey’ deserves a lot of play. Love this duo’s EP, but this song is a standout even among gems.

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