Sam Hunt is Shirtless and Not-So-Single

Sam Hunt

As we reach the end of summer, we can thank God for giving us the perfect gift that is Sam Hunt…shirtless. Today, such a gift was bestowed upon the Internet. In the photos, Sam is also kind of bald and kind of with a girl, but it’s hard to look at anything but Sam in all his shirtless glory.

As for the girl in question, Sam has been dropping hints that he’s not-so-single on Instagram, and according to Entertainment Tonight, he is most definitely off the market. In fact, his new girlfriend may not be so new, and is his pre-fame flame Hannah Lee Fowler.

Hannah is rumored to be the inspiration for most of Hunt’s debut album, Montevallo, so we guess Sam really made her miss him.

To see some more glorious pictures, check out Just Jared.

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