Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere pays big money in dog sitter lawsuit

Image: Twitter/haydenpanettiere

Apparently I’m in the wrong business because it sounds like the big money’s in dog sitting for celebrities.

Or at least dog sitting for Hayden Panettiere because dayummm.

TMZ is reporting that back in July, Hayden, who plays Juliette Barnes on CMT’s Nashville, was sued by her dog sitter, Tia Brooks, for a whopping $8,500.

But here’s the kicker, Hayden had already paid the woman $119,335.88 over the course of six years.

So why was Hayden being sued if she’d already paid so much? Well, the woman said in her lawsuit that Hayden had left two rescue dogs, Xena and Zander, in her care for her to try and find homes for them. Six years later and the woman finally found homes for the dogs but said that Hayden still owed her for unpaid services and for vet bills after one of the dogs got sick.

It seriously took her six years to find new homes for two dogs? Wow.

Anyway, Hayden fought back because she said the woman gave the dogs away after placing an ad on Craigslist but kept charging her for their care.

All’s well that ends well, however, and TMZ says the pair came to an agreement and settled for $4,250.

Good to hear. Good to hear.

Now, if there are any celebrities (or regular folks for that matter) who would like to “board” their dog with me for the next six years, I’ll give you one heckuva deal and only charge you $100,000 or so.

Hit me up.