Kelsea Ballerini Is the Snap To Taylor Swift’s Pop


Great catch by PopCravePolls and Teen Vogue as a couple of people did their Snapchat due diligence recently.

According to the reputable sources, Kelsea Ballerini might have leaked a snippet of a new Taylor Swift song on her account, giving fans following her story twenty-four hours to hear ten seconds of what’s yet to come from Swift.

As the media has made very well known, Swift has been hard at work in her personal life, gathering material for her (likely) final Big Machine Label Group album. Now, with a little help from her friend, the 1989 starlet is sharing a small piece of the future — one that sounds like it is from the same vein as her record-breaking pop project.

Great detective work, guys! Though Swift may not be country anymore, she definitely planted a seed here and made a huge impact, and we can’t wait to hear what’s coming from this monster musician!