Jason Michael Carroll says goodbye to his father, Jim

Image: Facebook/JasonMichaelCarroll

Prayers going out to Jason Michael Carroll whose father, Jim, passed away last night, 9/27.

Jason’s father had been in the hospital for the last few days after suffering an aneurysm in his stomach. Late last night, the Alyssa Lies singer posted a photo to Facebook saying goodbye.

Last Friday, the singer had asked fans for prayers in a video on Facebook, explaining that he had received a call that his dad was being taken in for emergency surgery.

He later posted a written explanation of what had happened, explaining to fans that his dad had lost a lot of blood from an aneurysm and that doctors were surprised that Jim had made it to the hospital.

Despite the dire situation, there was one ray of light on Saturday when a fellow restaurant customer named Amber paid for Jason’s meal and offered prayers for his dad.

He shared a photo of the note she left him on Facebook. It read: Praying your dad gets better soon. Your tab is on me. 

This wasn’t the first time Jason had shared health updates on his father, a Marine veteran. Back in 2014, Jason had shared his frustration and anger at his father’s local VA Hospital that had put off tests and treatment of something that could have been fatal at the time. His father ended up undergoing a bypass at that time.

My heart goes out to Jason and his family on their loss.

Update: I forgot to mention when I originally wrote this this morning that JMC had shared a touching photo on Facebook announcing the news that his father had passed away. Oops.