Brooke Eden Makes Weekends Even Better With New EP


Let’s be honest; there are few things more exciting to students and employees than their weekends. With that fact in mind, Brooke Eden released her first EP on Red Bow Records, Welcome to the Weekend, ensuring that music fans have something to look forward to on those pesky days that rest between Saturdays.

Eden previously released the girls’ night out song, “Diamonds,” setting the stage for a bluesy country album that serves as the perfect soundtrack for an on-the-town adventure. The remainder of the tracks, likewise, embrace Eden’s unique southern sultry voice, impressing with her strong deliveries and exemplary range. Along with the singer-songwriter’s vocals comes a distinguished groove that few artists are, for lack of a better term, “cool” enough to exude.

Jam-packing the four tracks on the EP with the power of an independent woman who defines herself, rather than relying on a man to do it for her, Eden flexes her confident muscle without supplying a low blow one-two punch. Speaking to this point is, ironically, “Silence Speaks,” a tongue-in-cheek message to a guy from the past who, quite simply, isn’t even worth your breath. With an incredibly catchy chorus and quirky lyrics, Eden’s song begs to be one of the chosen few female tunes to make it into regular rotation on radio.

Similarly, “Sunday Mornin'” proves that Eden knows exactly what she’s looking for in a relationship, and she refuses to bend and conform to be something she isn’t. Again, hitting fans with a heavy dose of talent and personality, the gorgeous songstress lays down the law with cleverly penned lyrics and a voice like no other.

The remaining track on the EP, “Act Like You Don’t,” continues Eden’s strong-willed and empowered theme, yet shows more vulnerability as she admits to falling victim to her own feelings on occasion, but does not allow those moments to keep her down. In fact, if your goal is to knock this gal down a peg, rethink your motives because, small as she is, she’s mighty enough to overcome anything.

Brooke Eden’s latest release, the four-pack entitled Welcome to the Weekend, is a collection of anthem-worthy tunes that will accompany many girls on their journeys seven days of the week. A must-have for your playlists, Eden’s EP is available now on iTunes, and you can listen below on Spotify.