Is Blake Throwing Shade at Miranda on His New Tour?


Some keen-eyed Blake Shelton fans noticed that the singer is using some rather interesting imagery during his new tour, and the pics are shown on screen during one song in particular. While the photos found on Twitter aren’t the clearest, it looks very likely that Blake is having his way with pictures during “She’s Got A Way With Words.”

In the photos, there’s a trashed room, packed suitcase, broken guitar, cigarettes, beer bottles…sure looks like a lot of “vices” to us…

Ah, and we thought these two could play nice. What do you think? Is Blake throwing shade at Miranda on his new tour?


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    Rhonda Thacker

    Of course he is! I tweeted him asking him what happened to taking the high road! Why now? Because of VICE? Come on Blake what’s the deal!


    Are you seriously comparing these pictures that actually match the words of a song Blake didn’t even write to Miranda posing with fans wearing Stupid Blake shirts and holding Gwen who signs? Blake won’t pose with people disrespecting Miranda but yet he gets the catty headlines while your story on Miranda (who was actually throwing big time shade) gets the headline calling her choices Interesting which is such a punt. Everyone is so afraid of Miranda they run around trying to be her best journalistic friend.

    For the love of God, stop picking on poor Blake. He’s the one taking the high road here. Miranda writes Vice about the divorce, showing no one at the wheel, releasing herself from the driver’s seat of her own life and responsibility from her own actions, and Blake writes Savior’s Shadow about the divorce, all about being so broken and betrayed that he’s handing the wheel over to higher power and having faith where that power will take him. I can tell you which story will appeal to today’s unaccountable, narcissistic society. I guess you need to write your stories how the mean girl cliques tell you to write them, but its sad. Nice guys finish last, I guess.




    I don’t think he gives a rat’s ass about her; he’s beyond the pain, never liked drama and is living a brand new life.

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