Yes, a headache medicine company is sponsoring Luke Bryan’s new Farm Tour


I’ll probably catch hell for this, but when I saw that Bayer, as in the maker of my very favorite migraine medicine, was sponsoring Luke Bryan‘s upcoming Farm Tour, I couldn’t help but chuckle.


Love you, Luke!

Turns out, however, that Bayer has a crop science division as well as a pharmaceutical division and, and here’s a big AND, Bayer and Luke have teamed up for a very special cause.

Bayer, the title sponsor of the tour, is using the Farm Tour to highlight its annual #Thankful4Ag campaign which activates its consumers and Luke’s fans to visit their website to help provide meals to those in need while thanking farmers for their contribution to feeding the planet. Last year, Luke Bryan and his fans helped Bayer provide over 300,000 meals to families across America—this year’s goal is 500,000 meals.

As the son of a peanut farmer, the Farm Tour and the #Thankful4Ag campaign are close to Luke’s heart.

“I come from a farming background so I understand the hard work it takes for farmers to feed America and feed the world,” said Luke Bryan. “Bayer and I did some great things together during last year’s tour including donating to local farmers and raising money to help feed America. I’m excited to do even more good work with them this year.”

To take part in the #Thankful4Ag campaign, simply visit and share the GIF that’s there. Each share equals one meal.

Easy peasy.

If you’d like to learn more about Luke’s Farm Tour 2016 and find out if it’s coming to a town near you, simply visit the next page for the full press release.


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