Aaron Lewis “Thanks” Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Cole Swindell and More for Inspiring “That Ain’t Country”‘


Aaron Lewis isn’t too happy with some of today’s hottest country stars and he isn’t mincing words when it comes to his feelings. At a recent show, the former Staind frontman called out a bunch of country’s biggest names before launching into his current single “That Ain’t Country.”

“Sometimes the things that I say get me in trouble and I don’t really give a f**k…’cause, you know, usually the person I end up offending is part of the problem so like I said, I really don’t give a f**k. That being said, I’d really like to thank a few people for inspiring me to write this next song…” Lewis begins before rattling off names like Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Dan + Shay and Cole Swindell, as well as every other “mother f****er that is just choking all the life out of country music.”

Welp, tell us how you really feel Aaron.


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  1. harperhock@gmail.com'

    I respect his right to his opinion but lots of people like a lot of those artists. I actually don’t like many of them outside of the occasional Blake Shelton or Carrie Underwood song, and I don’t know if he even named Blake or Carrie, but if the majority of customers in a genre are buying a certain type of that genre’s music, doesn’t that sort of redefine that genre?

    Look at the current state of pop music. I don’t like it at all outside of a couple artists but I have to respect that more people are buying the music I don’t like than the music I do. It sort of takes away my power to cut them down. I still don’t like it, but I have to respect that I’m in the minority.

    I like Staind. I don’t know much about this guy. And perhaps he was speaking to group that felt the same way, so he was in a friendly crowd for such nasty statements, but is there ever really a time to be nasty about something that means a lot to a lot of people. Dissent…sure! Attack…seems juvenile.

  2. boss@fmtc.com'
    Boss Kegel

    Shaking my head at the idiocy of Aaron Lewis’s “holier than thou” attitude about what qualifies as country music. After trash talking Luke Bryan, he has the audacity to “borrow” the melody from a song written by Luke Bryan. That song is called Good Directions, and Lewis’s so-called authentic country song starts out copying that song.

    What a big man Aaron Lewis to steal music that someone else wrote to try to make a point that the music that he supposedly writes is true country. Just how bitter do you have to be to have this mentality?

    I am sick to death of musicians who bitch about what other artists are doing. They should get off their butts get out and find an audience for their kind of music if it is so wonderful.

    Just my 2 cents on the issue….fire away you purists!

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