Why does this WWE wrestler keep getting banned from country festivals?

WWE Seth Rollins banned
Image: Twitter/WWE

This story just makes me giggle despite the fact that it involves someone being banned for no particular reason from something completely fun.

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins seems like a nice guy.

Okay, that’s a lie, I don’t know Seth Rollins from any other professional wrestler, but everything I’ve read says he’s a nice guy, so I’ll go with that.

But Seth Rollins apparently pissed some wrestling fan off at some point in his life because he has now been banned not once but twice from two different country music festivals.

The first time he got banned randomly from a festival was last year at New York City’s FarmBorough Festival. Seth wasn’t aware of the ban until fans started sending him pictures of the prohibited sign that was posted there. Despite having absolutely no clue why he’d been banned, the wrestler did find it funny.

Too funny.

Well this year, the FarmBorough Festival was canceled, so we don’t know if Rollins would once again have be banned from enjoying all of the festival’s festivities. As it happens, though, he was banned from a second festival this year on the other side of the country.

When fans visited the Watershed Country Music Festival in Gorge, Washington over the weekend, a sign was posted that once again placed the WWE star firmly on the prohibited list. 

wrestler seth rollins banned

Poor Rollins, for his part, is still clueless as to why country festivals appear to hate him.

While my heart goes out to Seth on his random banning from having fun at multiple country music festivals, I’d love to shake the hand of whatever prankster(s) is/are doing this because this is dedication to your convictions that I can stand behind (and it’s frickin’ hilarious).

(H/T comicbook.com)

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