Watch Keith Urban facetime with fan’s aunt during concert

Keith Urban facetimes Aunt Becky
Image: YouTube

If you’re one Aunt Becky from Illinois, you have one heck of a story to tell your friends.

Last week in Charlotte, North Carolina, Keith Urban spotted a sign in the audience that said the girl who had made it had been a fan for years and asked if she could get a hug.

Keith decided that would be fun so he brought the sign maker up on stage. The young lady, who revealed her name was Stephanie and she hailed from High Point, North Carolina, was, needless to say, very, very excited. She revealed she had been a fan for 11 years. She also revealed that her two aunts, Becky and Tina, were also huge fans. Keith asked her if her aunts were there. Turns out Aunt Tina was going to see Urban the next day in concert in another city, but poor Aunt Becky was missing out.

So Keith decided to Facetime her.

The pair called up Aunt Becky who luckily took time from watching NYPD Blue to answer the call.

Our friends at 96.9 The Kat were lucky enough to catch a video of the whole adorable interaction. Check it out below. There’s also another video that is closer to the stage but doesn’t catch the whole story that you can watch here.