Trent Harmon Offers a Soulful Take on Blake Shelton’s “I’m Sorry”


As American Idol winner Trent Harmon prepares his Big Machine debut album and promotes his new single, “There’s a Girl,” he’s taken to Facebook to chat with fans and cover songs. This week, the singer offered a soulful take on Blake Shelton’s “I’m Sorry” from his Red River Blue album.

According to MJ’s Big Blog, the cover is a new addition to Harmon’s set list and he took to Facebook to perform it for fans who couldn’t see it live. One thing’s for certain, this is a cover that deserves to stay in his set!

Watch Trent Harmon cover Blake Shelton’s “I’m Sorry” here:

And if you love this cover as much as I do and can’t get enough, here’s Trent performing it live in concert:

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    Lyn Carroll

    I cannot agree with you enough. This is a stunning version of I’m Sorry. Trent is just crazy talented.


    Trent did an amazing job!! Love him

    Marcy Lilley

    TRENT Harmon sounds incredibly singing anything‼️ His cover of “I’m Sorry”” is beautiful and I absolutely Love it!

    Bobbye Crockett

    Trent Harmon is one of the most incredibly talented vocalist I have ever heard! His voice is golden!

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