Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are having a Twitter war and it’s adorable

Tim and Faith - Twitter
Image: Twitter.com/FaithHill

Relationship goals, amirite?

Okay, that catchphrase is probably used way too much, but come on, these two are adorable!

Last week, Tim McGraw started what has turned out to be a Twitter war (of the sweetest kind) with wife, Faith Hill.

It all began out when Tim fired the first shot with this picture of Faith’s legs.

Faith responded with her own picture of Tim’s legs.

Since then it’s been a back and forth of sweetness.

Tim shared another leg picture.

And then a picture of Faith from behind.

So she shared a picture of Tim from behind.

Faith’s back.

Tim’s face.

And then today, a Throwback Thursday shot from both.

Let’s just hope this is a war that rages for a while longer because it’s way too cute to stop.