Tim McGraw crashes couple’s Philadelphia wedding

Tim McGraw and the bride and groom
Paul Getz (groom), Tim McGraw, and Lisa White (Bride) – Image: Twitter/getzy89

Fathers around the country better be stepping up their wedding gift game because this is one surprise that’ll be hard to beat.

On Saturday, 8/27, a bride named Lisa White, her groom Paul Getz, and all of their wedding guests in Philadelphia got the surprise of a thousand lifetimes when none other than Tim McGraw showed up to perform.

According to the local NBC station, Tim’s crashing of the wedding was arranged by the bride’s father, David White, who had Tim come in just as the father-daughter dance was starting. And you know what song Tim sang for the special dance? My Little Girl.

I’m dying!

This Facebook video shows the exact moment the bride (and her guests) realizes it’s not the wedding singer singing but instead THE Tim McGraw and is so, so sweet.

Tim performed several songs for the wedding guests before heading off into the night like the cowboy hat wearing Batman that he is.



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