Is Sam Hunt No Longer Single for the (end of) Summer?


Ah, Sam Hunt. He’s undeniably one of country’s most polarizing figures, but he’s also one of the hunkiest men on the planet. He’s also been famously single during his time in the spotlight, but that may be a-changing.

Yesterday, Hunt posted a photo of a woman in a forest with the caption “feral child,” and his fans didn’t take it too well. And by his fans, we mostly mean women.

One commenter admitted to being “irrationally saddened,” while another said “my soul is crushed.” Others speculated that the woman in the photo was Hunt’s ex and that the pair had reunited.

Whoever the girl is, she’s a lucky lady if she did in fact take away Sam’s single for the summer status.

Update: Sam has now shared video of the lovely lady.