Ray Johnston Band’s New EP ‘#GoesGoodWith’ is Social Media and Honkytonk-Ready

EP artwork

Those who enjoyed the Ray Johnston Band’s last album may be wary that their new EP, #GoesGoodWith, contains what may be the first social media-ready album title from the country music realm. But have no fear, because these six songs find the band with their most sonically cohesive body of work to date. And it’ll all fit right in at the nearest honky tonk.

It all gets started with “Make Mine a Double” about how having more of certain things such as shots or kisses is a good thing, and “Beautiful You” is an ode to that special someone. The boots are back to stomping on the dance floor on “Horses and Hearts” with a special guest Abbey Cone. It compares taming a wild stallion to stealing someone’s heart.

The drinks are flowing again on “Little Lupe” where you’re transported south of the border, and more likely to have a margarita in your hand than your favorite beer. It’s got a very easy-going vibe to it that’s normally associated with vacationing in Mexico. The song itself is about a guy who turns into a bit of a wild man once he gets some Jose Cuervo in him.

It’s the liver that takes a hit on “My Liver Don’t Live Here Anymore.” The guy is downing drink after drink since his woman left him, and the morning after has him in bad shape.

Johnston treasures the simple things on “Watching the Lord Turn on the Lights.” To him, there’s nothing like watching the sunrise during a hunt and taking in everything the great outdoors has to offer. The end of the song puts you in his place with birds chirping and other sounds from nature.

This new collection from the Ray Johnston Band is another reason why people look to Texas if they’re tastes in country lean more towards George Strait than Keith Urban. Each song stands on its own, yet the whole thing blends together like your favorite cocktail. Next time let’s just hope there’s more songs.