RaeLynn Releases Emotional New “Love Triangle” Video (Watch!)


RaeLynn recently announced her record deal with Warner Music Nashville and is already turning heads with her first release under her new label.

The emotional “Love Triangle” has not only garnered respect from longtime fans who have been awaiting music from the newlywed, but has resulted in an outpouring of support from RaeLynn’s colleagues in the industry. While the single is still making its introductory rounds, the obviously matured twenty-two year-old has released a music video that exposes the emotion beneath “Love Triangle” on a much deeper level.

A song about the painful reality of coming from a broken home, “Love Triangle” shares the perspective of children who become tug o’ war ropes as incidental damage to failed marriages. Stripping herself down emotionally, the oftentimes bubbly blonde performs the ballad, clad in black, with tears pouring from her eyes. The video shows a little girl bouncing back and forth between parents, akin to a ping pong ball, trying to live a life of normalcy under abnormal circumstances.

What this release from RaeLynn shows is that she has experienced tremendous growth and has come a long way from the girl who was kissing frogs. If the sophistication of “Love Triangle” is any indication of the direction in which RaeLynn is going under the guidance of Warner, we are walking beside her on this promising path.

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