The naked Taylor Swift from Kanye’s ‘Famous’ video was in an art show

Famous YouTube

Back when Kanye West released the super creepy video for his song Famous, I figured there’d be all kinds of backlash over it. After all, the video centered around a bed full of nude, sleeping celebrities made of wax, including a boob-baring wax Taylor Swift who, along with West’s wife Kim Kardashian, took the “coveted” spot right next to wax Kanye.

Turns out, however, that rather than backlash, the video has now earned a Video of the Year Award nomination at this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards and the wax celebrities from the video are now an art installation.

According to Mashable, there was a secret art show show at the Blum And Poe art gallery in Los Angeles last night, 8/26, that featured the wax celebrities from the video.

And if you thought the video for Famous was creepy, wait until you see a bunch of rich people milling around staring at very lifelike naked celebrities lying on a bed.

So strange.

Let’s just hope this was a one-time event and won’t be turning into a traveling art show anytime soon.

Here’s a slideshow of the show. Just be warned that there are lots of wax boobs.