Miranda Lambert brought to tears during concert by soldier’s sign

Miranda Lambert crying at soldier sign

Image: YouTube

There’s not much better than feeling appreciated, and on Friday Miranda Lambert found out just how appreciated she really is.

During her show at the Xfinity Center in Hartford, Ct, Miranda had just started into The House That Built Me when a sign in the audience caught her eye and ended up bringing her to tears.

In the crowd was a soldier holding up a sign that read: “3 combat tours…your voice was the last thing I heard every night. Thank you.”

Miranda mouthed “really?” before taking the sign to show fans.

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That’s when tears and emotion took over and Miranda had to take a moment to compose herself and let the audience sing part of the song for her.


In the audience, the soldier, who the concert camera panned to several times, was just as emotional as Miranda.

So amazing!

Thank you to @randalourita for the heads up about this.

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