Miranda Lambert is meeting the soldier who made her cry

Miranda Lambert crying at soldier sign

Oh man, this makes me so happy!

Just a couple of days ago, we brought you the story of the soldier whose sign made Miranda Lambert cry on stage at the Xfinity Center in Hartford, Ct.

It may surprise some people to hear that that soldier didn’t get to meet Miranda the day his sign made her cry, but now, thanks to our buddy Broadway‘s cohost Cory Myers, that soldier, whose name is Jeff Tudisca, is finally going to meet the lady whose voice helped him through three tours of duty.


Apparently Cory was in the audience in Hartford that fateful night and a few days after Miranda cried at his sign, Broadway and Cory chatted with Soldier Jeff on the phone. You can hear that interview here. In that chat, they found out that Jeff surprisingly didn’t get the chance to meet Miranda the night his sign made her breakdown on stage. That’s when Cory decided to try and change that.

Now, thanks to some hard work from Cory, Jeff will be meeting Miranda during a meet & greet this Friday. You can hear Broadway and Cory talk a little about how the meeting came to be and hear Jeff explain how excited he is in a new interview below.

When asked what he was going to say to Miranda when he met her, Jeff answered honestly, “I don’t have a damn clue, man.”


Check out the interview below.