Luke Bryan had a bad time on a flight and tweeted the whole thing

Luke Bryan-DSC_3312-3.2.14

Bad flights happen to good people. Just ask Luke Bryan who seems to have had a bad time on a recent flight and decided to tweet his frustration.

On Thursday, the singer started out his travel tirade by commenting on the state of American transportation.

Come to find out, Luke’s flight was having some seat issues.

Then he doubled down on the flawed transportation system comment.

But then his flight took off and things seemed to be all better.

After the travel tweets, fans seemed to think that Luke was joking about his flight troubles, so maybe he was just having fun at the expense of the airline. Other fans made Dierks Bentley Drunk on a Plane jokes, so tweeting while drunk also seems a possible scenario. But then one fan shared a photo of Luke and his wife Caroline looking more than a little travel weary at the airport, so it seems very plausible that Luke was in fact just another disgruntled traveler. 

Either way, I’m glad to hear that Luke’s plane finally took off. Hopefully the rest of his trip was without incident.

On a side note, I went through hours and hours worth the tweets and responses on American Airline’s Twitter account trying to see if they had responded to Luke’s complaints. Turns out running an airline’s Twitter account must be one of the WORST. JOBS. EVER! Seriously, it’s like a war zone. My heart goes out to whoever is behind the keyboard having to deal with angry tweets from travelers.

[Photo: Joe Bielawa/Flickr]