LeAnn Rimes is a big fan of having her face shaved with a scalpel

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of me visibly sweating and clenching my jaw.

And why am I sweating and clenching my jaw you ask? Because LeAnn Rimes has admitted something that completely gives me the heebie jeebies … the singer has admitted that she’s a fan of the dermatological trend of having her face shaved with a scalpel.



Okay, I’m sure that like most beauty trends, kao sori, as it’s called in Japan (or dermaplaning if you’re looking for it stateside), is probably not nearly as scary as it sounds. However, thinking about someone scraping someone else’s dry, bare face with a scalpel is terrifying to me no matter how you slice it (pun totally intended).

Anyway, LeAnn Rimes is a fan of the practice, telling British T.V. show Loose Women (via Belfast Telegraph), ”I just did it not long ago, a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing. My facialist did it with a scalpel – by the way I’d seen this facialist for a long time, I wouldn’t let just anyone have a scalpel around my face! It’s insane but afterwards my face just felt like a baby’s butt.”

Yep, still got the heebie jeebies.

If you’re absolutely dying to know what having your face shaved with a scalpel is really like, here’s a video just for you.