No Ticket? No Problem When You’re a Kelsea Ballerini Fan!


When it comes to attending events at the Bluebird Cafe, the ticket buying process is often a survival of the fittest meets fastest fingers contest.

Kelsea Ballerini, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, is quite sympathetic to the fact that many fans will be turned away at that coveted door, no matter how much they plead their cases. Perhaps that is why one of Nashville’s most prominent gals did a little something special for those dedicated enough to stand outside in hopes of just hearing one note escape the legendary venue.

Just prior to last night’s Kelsea Ballerini and Friends event benefitting Music Makes Us, Ballerini went outside to say hello to fans, sign autographs, and perform a quick song. With the kind gesture, Ballerini called “dibs” on our hearts once again.

Watch as Kelsea Ballerini sings “Dibs” outside of Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe:

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